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Casting the Vision

  • To serve those in authority through prayer.
  • To interact with governmental leaders in order to impact our cities and communities in positive and practical ways.
  • To enlist, encourage and mobilize the saints.
  • To communicate governmental issues , requests, etc. to our members.
  • To locate and develop Team Leaders across the state.

The Case for Governmental Engagement

  • I Tim. 2:1-2 - commanded to intercede and give thanksgiving for all those in authority.
  • Governmental leaders are inundated with those that do not represent God's kingdom principles nor what is best for the citizens.
  • Leaders often only hear from Christians in a position of opposition.
  • Leaders need our encouragement, blessing and strategy for solutions.
  • Esther, Daniel, and Deborah are Biblical examples of governmental engagement.
  • Our Christian heritage was built by those that were engaged in government.

Options for Engagement

  • Sign up to be an intercessor.
  • Become a Team Leader in your county/region.
  • Attend local city council/county commission meetings.
  • Contribute to the work of the TNGPA.
  • Assist with administrative duties.
Interested in becoming a Team Leader?

Click here to fill out the application

Join us for Watchman on the Wall on Wednesdays at 11:00 in the TN State Capitol. Contact us at [email protected] or 615.480.4052 for more info.